Professor Xu Li from FNU Elected as Foreign Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences


Recently, the President of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Oleg L. Kuznetzov, and the Vice President and the chief Secretary of the Academic Committee, Lida V. Ivanitskaya, sent a certificate and congratulatory letter to Professor Xu Li from College Computer and Cyber Security of FNU, commending his creative achievements in scientific research and congratulating him on being elected as a foreign member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.


Professor Xu Li has been engaged in the fields of network and communication security, modeling and analysis of complex systems, big data, and information technology. In particular, he has made a series of innovative achievements in the security controllable theory of mobile social networks and efficient and secure wireless communication technology. The Presidium of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences highly praised Professor Xu Li's scientific research achievements and social activities and hopes that Professor Xu Li will contribute to the creative and fruitful scientific and technological cooperation for the continuous development of China-Russia relations.


Russian Academy of Natural Sciences was established in 1990 by several well-known scholars and research institutions in Russia. It is one of Russia's three major cross-industry scientific institutions and the largest social science academy recognized by the United Nations in Russia. The academy currently has 18 Nobel Prize winners, over 270 Russian Academy of Sciences academicians, more than 30 Russian National Academy of Medical Sciences academicians, and over 20 academicians from other scientific institutions. In 2023, Professor Xu Li of our university was elected as a foreign member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences through a process involving nomination, formal review, document verification, departmental election, and Presidium deliberation.